Made up of local artists and community members, SHINE is an art project, intended to illuminate the power of art in public spaces by revitalizing areas, inspiring dialogue and uniting our community—while cultivating new standards of artistic excellence and reflecting St. Petersburg’s creative and vibrant spirit.

Director: Leon Bedore (Tes One) / Fiscal Sponsor: John Collins (St. Petersburg Arts Alliance)


John Collins (SPAA) / Kathryn Howd / Stacia Schrader / Margaret Murray


Chris Parks (Palehorse)


John Collins (SPAA)


Michelle Tannu (Shared Vision Marketing) / Mitzi Gordon


Chad Mize / Mitzi Gordon / Margaret Murray

Leon Bedore
(Tes One)


“Murals are reflective of a city that takes pride in its community.  Like all art, it is proof of life.

I think the level of art and impact of murals in St. Pete are beginning to align – so there is a deeper appreciation for the work, and it can now co-exist with the community rather than fall into stereotypes of either graffiti or advertising.”

Chris Parks


“Right now is such a crucial moment in time for our proud city. We’ve all invested so much to make this place the creative hub that it is and the first year of Shine was a strong, visual statement that elevated the spirit and perspective of everyone who interacts with this area. As a fan of art, I’m honored to have the opportunity connect with artists who I admire and seeing a thoughtfully curated series of beautiful murals spring to life in my backyard is an inspiring experience.”

John Collins

St. Petersburg Arts Alliance

“SHINE has turned St. Petersburg into an outdoor art museum.  Visitors are coming to tour them, and SHINE instills community pride in those who live and work near them.  During SHINE, local artists are included with international acclaimed mural artists who leave behind the best of their work.  An added bonus is that during the other 11 months of the year, our local artists benefit as businesses employ them and showcase their art.  I am astonished at our talent and our volunteers and how they are helping brand St. Petersburg as a City of the Arts.”


SHINE would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. View our full Sponsor page here.